Quality control

Measuring Service Quality

Auditing is an integral part of training. It reveals possible dysfunctions and makes it possible to identify best practices.

Auditing is carried out independently, logically before the course. Training is then based on precise improvement objectives detected particularly during the Mystery Call.

Our auditing offer relies on a three-phase study, composed of a quantitative indicators study (quantification of the flow), process study (management method), and quality study (as perceived by the customers). This study may be completed through a Survey about the customer’s satisfaction.

Qualitative analysis

To evaluate the quality of the reception from a customer’s perspective, and understand the information flow through Mystery Call control.

Quantitative analysis

To study the flow and frequency by recording the requests on an entry form. To analyze the statistics provided by the switchboard.

On site analysis

To observe the rhythm and the distribution of work on site in order to understand the organizational pattern between agents.

Quality criteria

16 evaluated criteria divided into 4 categories that include process, communication practices, as well as technical and commercial parameters.


Assessment scale of 1 to 5, presented under binary form, with 2 positive values and 2 negative values. 


The final report is presented at the end of the evaluation with an highlight on ways to improve the management of your customer relations. 


Understanding the situation in order to optimize the processes

Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to measure the current quality of how the requests are processed, and to understand and/or
identify the reasons behind possible dysfunctions.

Mystery Call

How do you evaluate the quality of your Customer Service?

We propose to evaluate the quality of your Customer Service, an essential factor of your company’s public brand image.


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How do you evaluate your customer’s satisfaction?

The evaluation of your customer’s satisfaction is an integral part of the process. This study guarantees you a better customer retention rate.


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