Communicaiton Coaching

Improving individual and collective performances

During coaching, “error” is not a failure but a fundamental component of the educational process.
The objective for the participant is to understand the source of his/her errors in order to correct them and thus make this concrete experiment profitable.
At the end of the process, together with each collaborator, we fix his/her concrete and attainable improvement objectives.

“I have appreciated the courses, the communication tools, and the emotional chapters. Two passionate teachers.”

Geneva Airport 

 “Everything was very interesting; many suggestions and a lot of useful information I will test tomorrow.”

International Electro-technical Commission

 “The course allowed me to understand others work methods as well as their strengths and weaknesses.”

Receptionist Rental Service 
Régie du Rhône

Call center management

As a specialist in customer relationship management, we offer you today a selection of qualified people and their expertise in terms of communication.

Operators, Receptionists & Helpdesk Agents.

Training follow up

Sessions hosted during regular work hours. During these evaluations, personal evaluations are conducted for each collaborator, in order to lay down concrete and attainable improvement objectives.

Training is carried out through individual or group sessions of one half-day of coaching on site.

Welcome Pad

An application for registering your visitors 
Your reception is central to welcome your visitors. As soon as they arrive, offer them an excellent first impression with a modern and fast application.


More information about the welcome pad 

Call center management

Outsource the management of your customer service.
Enjoy the “Select & coach” system where those you select are trained and coached according to your most specific needs.


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