Mystery Call

Evaluate the quality of your customer service

You have a reception, sale, or pre-sale Customer Service. We propose to evaluate the quality of this service, an essential factor of your company’s public image.  This measure of quality is an integral part of the service chain.

During test calls, our collaborators simulate an inquiry, complaint, or particular request. 


  • To determine the average time before answer    
    To detect dysfunctions
  • Appreciate customisation   
    Standardise greeting throughout the service
  • Verify the cycle: Reception, orientation, transfer   
    To establish corrective measures


Evaluate the reception and the calls’ processing methods in your various services:

  • Reception
  • Helpdesk
  • Sales support
  • After-sales Department

1. Conduct of the operation

2. Criteria

3. Reporting

Conduct of the operation

Validating scenarios and assessment points
Qualification calls and statistical analysis
Presentation of the final report and of the recommendations  

Evaluation criteria

Each criterion is logged on a scale of 1 to 5.  Our evaluation is reported in binary format, with 2 positive values and 2 negatives values that allow a subtle approach to the assessment of the call.

Depending on the scenario, only part of the criteria is evaluated, allowing us to use our assessment grid irrespective of the call.  


The report highlight tables/graphics. It includes commentary about each of the evaluated criteria.

The goal of the report is not to resolve existing situations, but to establish facts, avenues to explore in order to improve the management of your customer relations and the qualitative services of your collaborators.