Enquête de satisfaction

Evaluate customer satisfaction

The evaluation of your customer’s satisfaction is an integral part of the quality process. This study guarantees you a better customer retention rate. We propose a telephone survey to evaluate the customer’s perception of the quality of your services.

All the data obtained concerning the criteria of evaluation during the conversation, are recorded and noted according to a precise scale. The phone call allows a qualitative and interactive contact with each person spoken to.



  • To detect dysfunctions
    To establish corrective measures
  • To value interactive contact
    To retain customers 
  • To understand the customer’s expectations
    Enhance your public image


Survey your main interlocutors to understand better their perception of the company. 

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Employees
  • Suppliers

1. Conduct of the operation

2. Criteria

3. Reporting

Conduct of the operation

  • Distribution of the calls according to a representative target
  • Evaluation of 3 criteria on a scale of values from 1 to 10 (relation, product and price)
  • Recording of notes and areas to improve

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation according to a scale of value (classified from 1 to 10, 1 being bad, and 10 being excellent).

The script is based mainly on pre-coded formulas, including scales of values and choices of qualifiers.    

Result presentation

The report consists of  tables/ graphics. It includes a comment on each question in the survey.  

When presenting the final report, we issue recommendations, avenues to explore for the improvement of your services.