Customer care management training

Professional management of customers

One day inter-company seminar, theoretical and practical, to review communication techniques and emotional processing of complaints.

The evaluation of the acquired techniques is performed through exercises. During the course Role-play and situational scenarios are essential. At the end of the seminar, training is validated with a proficiency-testing exam attested by a course-completion certificate. 

Online course support. A secured access allows the download of course material after subscription.

Pedagogic goals

  1. Enhance the public image of the company by a professional handling of incoming phone calls;
  2. To acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of greeting parameters;
  3. To implement a quality charter to improve customer greeting.

Target group

This training is intended for any personnel that are in regular direct and telephone contact with your customers.

  • Operators
  • Receptionists
  • Secretaries
  • Assistants


Dynamics of communication

  • Specifics of direct et telephone contact
  • Tone, rhythm and emotion of the voice, standard sentences and keywords
  • Active listening, orientation and conclusion
  • Questioning methods, release and conclusion

Greeting practices

  • Writing a quality greeting charter
  • Principles of the emotional management of complaints
  • Processing of special cases, state of mind and respect for priorities
  • Exercises for skill monitoring

At the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Established practical procedures for answering and processing calls;
  • Understood the parameters of a quality greeting;
  • Acquired new skills to improve customer relations.

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Terms and conditions

During the course, a snack is served to all participants. Fees have to be paid on time of subscription.  50% is reimbursed in case of cancelation 14 days prior to the seminar. For any cancellation done less than 2 weeks before the course, fees are unrefundable.


Rue Neuve-du-Molard 24
1204 Geneva

CFF trains
Public transportation

6 Periods

video conference on introduction
shared theoritical exercises
half-day practical course
on-line cours exams

seminar from 09:00am until 12h30pm
maximum 5 participants

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Course Fee: 390.- CHF
Supports: Included
Snaking: 20.- CHF
Grand total: 410.- CHF